New Release

New Release

Following are the changes which we have progressively released in Ouch over the past couple of weeks. You may view the details of each change (which includes the usage guide) by clicking on each point which will expand accordingly.
a) From the email, Clinic Admin may click on the URL which will bring you to the Incoming Request Details page whereby you will be able to click on the Accept button to :
i) View the request
ii) select the Clinic Available Date/Time
iii) Accept the request
b) Once the request has been Accepted by Clinic, Patient will be notified via Ouch Mobile App. You will receive a notification via Ouch Web App (which comes with a notification tone) as per existing process if Patient accepts your timeslot and books an appointment with you. At the same time, the Confirmed Appointment will be listed on the Confirmed screen (via Menu Appointment > Confirmed)

Note :
Do set the volume of the Ouch Tablet or your Desktop (if you are logged on to Ouch via Desktop) such that you will not miss the Ouch Notification Tone for incoming appointments and booking confirmations while you are busy with other tasks.
Refer to changes as per Points a) in Red and b) in Blue below.
Note that
  • new appointments under “Incoming Requests” on the right panel will be listed for only initial 15 minutes after which they remain valid for <Accept> till request expiration.
  • the full list of new requests may be viewed/accepted under menu Appointment > Incoming (View/Accept) till they expire.

Following notes and user guide which will help Clinic Admins to use their designated Clinic Smartphone to accept appointments from Ouch. Other than viewing and accepting incoming requests on the smartphone, we will recommend subsequent steps to be performed on your Ouch Tablet or your Desktop should the patient book an appointment with your clinic after you have accepted the appointment.

a) Setup your Clinic Admin Email account in your Clinic Smartphone to receive incoming Ouch Emails.

You may use your own email app (eg. Outlook) for this. If however, you have not already setup an email app, we will recommend that you use Gmail App. You can read and send email from most email accounts using the Gmail app on both Android or iOS devices, including Outlook, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.
You may click here for steps to add new account in Gmail App.

b) Set the volume of your smartphone such that you will not miss Phone Email Notifications for Ouch Incoming request email sent to your Clinic Admin Email account.

Process as follows for your easy reference :

(Note that this process include screens of existing workflow but now captured on mobile screen.)

i) Upon the submission of a new request, an email will be sent to the Clinic Admin Email. A Mobile Phone Push Notification will be received from the Email Apps as follows . Tap on this notification, it will bring you to the email

Note : In case you do not receive the Mobile Phone Push Notification, pls check that Notification is enabled for your Email App in your smartphone. Do feel free to contact us at or submit a support request form should you face any difficulties.

ii) Simply click on the URL which will bring you to Incoming Request Details page in Ouch Web App in the next Screen.

iii) Click on <Accept> button which will display the Confirm screen.

iv) On the Confirm screen, you may select Clinic Available Date/Time within the same day or alternatively, if the clinic is already fully booked for the day, you may also propose the best timing you can offer on another day.

v) Once you click on <Accept> button on the Confirm screen, a success message will be displayed.

vi) At the same time, the patient will receive a Mobile Phone Push Notification from Ouch Mobile App, informing him/her that the appointment has been accepted by the doctor for your Clinic as shown in below screen.
If patient accepts your timeslot, he/she will book the appointment with you and you will be notified via Ouch Web App as per existing process.

For First Attempt and Whenever Re-login is required

For the first attempt to view the Appointment Details via Email, instead of bringing you directly to the “Incoming Request Details” page, you will be prompted to perform a login as follows.

i) Clinic Admins, when prompted to login, pls click on Clinic Login link which will bring you to the Login for Clinic page to perform a login as shown in the next screen.

ii) Login on the Login for Clinic screen. This will bring you to the Dashboard as shown in the next screen.

iii) Instead of navigating from Dashboard page to go to the Incoming Request Details page directly, simply tap on the <– arrow as highlighted in Blue in below screen. This will bring you back to the email for this request.

iv) Click on the link in the email again and this time round, it will bring you directly to the Incoming Request Details page of the new request as shown in next screen.

v) You may then proceed with subsequent steps as shared in Point 4ciii) above.

a) In the “Incoming Request Details” Page, after clicking on <Accept> button, the Confirm Page will be displayed where you may select the Clinic Available Date/Time accordingly for the timeslots within the same day or to select the timeslot for another day.

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