Stop Dengue

Stop Dengue

This year saw a dramatic rise in the statistics of Dengue fever in Singapore. It’s an all-time high which is unfortunate since this viral infection is highly preventable.

Dengue virus is spread through a particular species of mosquito – Aedes Aegypti. The bite of the female mosquito carrying the virus transfers it to humans and causes a range of symptoms.

In most cases, the dengue virus is mild and can even be completely asymptomatic. But in other people, a deadly bleeding disorder can result which can be a direct threat to life.

The potential fatal consequence of the dengue virus is the reason why prevention is so crucial.

How Can Dengue Be Prevented?

Prevention of dengue starts from your home. There are two ways the spread of this illness can be stopped in its tracks: through actively reducing mosquito populations and through personal protection.

#1: Control of Mosquito Populations:

The mosquito that carries the dengue virus thrives in clean, pooled-up water areas. Rainwater collecting in tyres, pots, vases and other potential areas are sources of the mosquito.

We should take measures to clear all sources of stagnant water from our surroundings. This means tipping vases, emptying pots and not leaving tyres in the open etc.

Mosquito populations can also be controlled actively by using mosquito repellent sprays and insecticides.

#2: Personal Protection

A big of prevention from dengue virus depends on how mindful you are of it. The Aedes Aegypti mosquito usually bites at dawn time, so restricting your time outside in the morning can help reduce your risk of getting an infection.

You should also wear full-coverage clothes when you go out to keep all areas of your skin unexposed and protected against a mosquito bite. It’s also recommended to use mosquito nets if you decide to sit or sleep in the open.

Lathering yourself with a powerful mosquito repellent is also an effective method to protect yourself from the dengue virus.

Is There a Vaccine for Dengue Virus?

As a matter of fact, there is a vaccine for the dengue virus, but it is still not widely available because of its high cost and questionable effectiveness.


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