Recognizing the Signs of Depression

Recognizing the Signs of Depression

Recognizing the Signs of Depression

For many years mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety have been shunned and disregarded as being ‘made-up’.

Times are changing now, however, and there is more than enough evidence to accept and acknowledge that these conditions actually do exist and can take a toll on our day-to-day activities.

Depression is more common than you’d think. There are a bunch of different factors that can play a part in developing depression, but the signs and symptoms, for the most part, are the same in all cases.

As with most mental health conditions, there isn’t a sure-shot way to diagnose depression. Picking up the signs on clinical examination is the way to go.

If you suspect that you or a loved one might be a victim of depression, it’s never too late to seek help and therapy.

Common Signs of Depression

Here are some classic signs of depression that should prompt you to connect with your doctor immediately:

1. Sad or feeling blue most of the time

2. Disinterest in life and activities

3. Dramatic sleeping habits (too much or too little sleep)

4. Dramatic change in appetite

5. Low libido

6. Irritability and unusual aggression

7. Unexplained pain in the body

Make an appointment with your doctor to seek help if you identify these signs in a loved one.


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