Need to consult a physician? 3 facts nobody tells you about waiting at the clinic

Need to consult a physician? 3 facts nobody tells you about waiting at the clinic

Hospitals and clinics play an integral part in any society; without the healthcare industry, mankind could become afflicted with sickness and disease. Traditionally, clinic visits were the only way to get your symptoms checked and treated and for the most part, they still are.

However, in recent times, the tides are shifting, and physicians are slowly but surely gravitating towards a more remote system of healthcare delivery.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, digital healthcare solutions were on the rise. Consulting a physician in person might have its share of pros but here are some cons that no one probably told you about when visiting the clinic:

#1: High exposure to pathogens

Coronavirus is just one of the many microorganisms and viruses that can transmit human-to-human, particularly in a crowded, public area such as a clinic. Hospitals and clinics are perhaps the most dangerous locations among all other public places because patients are likely carrying a high pathogen load.

Moreover, the infectivity and severity of the disease may have forced them to visit the hospital or clinic.

Waiting in long queues to get a physician’s consultation puts you at risk of contracting this hospital-borne (also known as nosocomial) illness.

#2: Inefficient system

A doctor’s appointment can quickly become one of the most unproductive parts of your day because of the precious time that is being wasted as you wait for your turn. If you have a busy schedule, expect to spend a good couple of minutes (or hours) waiting in line at the hospital only for a 10-15 minutes consultation.

This inefficient system also leads people to avoid visiting their doctor, when in fact legitimate reasons should warrant a visit.

#3: It can get uncomfortable!

It’s no fun waiting in line especially when it’s in hot weather. Even in an air-conditioned room, queueing in a crowded clinic can be a long, excruciating, and sweaty process. What’s more, the wait can make you not just uncomfortable but also irritable and angry. This can potentially ruin your mood and your day!

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