How To Avoid Overeating When Working From Home

How To Avoid Overeating When Working From Home

These troubling times have taken a toll on just about every person on the planet, and each one of us has had a different reaction to the ongoing health crisis. And understandably, it’s not always easy to keep our healthy lifestyles in check during the quarantine.

There are many things these past few months that have taught us about living a life locked up in quarantine. Losing track of your diet and acquiring unhealthy eating habits when you’re home 24/7 is one of them.

If you’re like most people, quarantine may have contributed a few pounds to your weight. With the kitchen so accessible at all times, it’s easy to get carried away.

The good news is that it’s not too late to revert back to a healthy lifestyle. The damage that has been done can easily be reversed as long as you have a strong will to change, and a few handy life hacks up your sleeve.

#1: Designate fixed times for your meals

If you’re a three-meals-a-day kind of person, working from home shouldn’t be a free pass to increase that number. One golden way to keep yourself from overeating is to designate fixed mealtimes.

This can be your usual breakfast, lunch and dinner times. And if you really can’t resist a snack, designate a special snack time once a day too!

#2: Choose your snacks wisely

It’s tempting to open a pack of chips or a tub of ice cream to satiate your cravings, but snacks don’t always have to be so unhealthy.

Substitute junk food and sweets with snacks like a salad or fruits that will keep you full for a long time without adding unnecessary calories to your plate.

#3: Make your own food

Ordering takeaways and food home deliveries is an easy way out to eat at home when you’re in quarantine. If you start preparing your own meals, you can be more mindful of what you’re putting on your plate – this can automatically help you eat healthier.

There’s also a growing belief that cooking your own food can actually curb your appetite and make you eat less as a result – another clever way to reduce your food intake when working from home!

#4: Focus when you eat

This tip might not make sense to many, but it actually works. Eating with the TV on or when you’re working on your laptop can actually make you lose track of what’s on your plate. This can result in overeating without you even noticing.

To prevent this problem, make sure that when you’re eating, you’re only eating.

#5: Try intermittent fasting

If you’ve been contemplating trying out this popular eating pattern, now is the best time to do it. There are many ways to do intermittent fasting, and each one will not just keep you from overeating, but can also help you lose a few pounds!


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