Here’s How You Can Keep Your Kids Entertained During This Lock-down

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Kids Entertained During This Lock-down

One of the many downsides to this ongoing quarantine lifestyle is keeping children at home from getting bored. Bored children can be overwhelming to deal with, something parents can truly understand.

This boredom can make them behave in ways they never have before, and it’s not always easy to deal with such behaviour.

Providing all the stimulation a young mind need is tricky for parents of young children. However, keeping your kids entertained with fun, engaging activities at home can actually be a worthwhile effort, helping them stay mentally active, inquisitive and less mischievous.

Here are some golden methods to keep your children happy and entertained during quarantine:

#1: Explore their artistic side

Children can be pretty creative creatures, and now’s a good time to explore their artsy side. Invest quality time in making jewellery from beads, Paper Mache or painting. There are far too many ways to explore art with your child that you can do together, all in the comfort of your home!

#2: Bake away

Baking is one form of cooking that even children love to do. If you love to bake cakes yourself, consider your little one as your new partner in the kitchen – you’d be surprised how helpful they can be!

#3: Do some gardening indoors!

Indoor gardening is a great way to learn science and to appreciate the magic of growth. You can plant your child’s favourite flower, teach them how to care for their plant and document the entire growth process together.

#4: Indoor physical activities

If you’ve fallen into poor exercise habits ever since the lockdown began, take this as a golden chance to revert back to your healthy habits. Get grooving and moving with your child and exercise with them at home.

You can also do more kid-friendly exercises such as skipping and jumping jacks with your child if you want to add variety to your physical activities.

You won’t feel another minute exercising boring again. Plus, it will keep your kid happy and entertained for a long time too – win-win!

#5: Read books aloud to each other

Books are always the perfect way to bond with your child over fantastical tales and legends. If your child is old enough to read, you should take turns reading stories to each other. Reading out Geronimo Stilton to your child is an activity that both you and your little one will cherish!

There are far too many ways to keep your children entertained at home. So what if they’re at home 24/7? With a little imagination, fun activities at home can be a new form of entertainment for them, and it can be productive too. Follow our golden entertainment tips – thank us later!


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