How Can Your Smartphone Affect Your Health?

How Can Your Smartphone Affect Your Health?

Smartphones have completely revolutionized the 21st century, and today the majority of us own a cellphone starting from middle school or even earlier! While it’s true that these devices have made life easier on several accounts, it’s also true that they have impacted us in a slightly negative way as well.

Addiction to phones is a real problem, but that’s a separate discussion. Everyone knows that mobile phones can take a good chunk of our time, but did you know that these devices can also cause actual health issues?

Here are some of the health risks associated with the overuse of smartphones:

#1: Your eyes can get affected

Spending hours glued to the screen of your smartphone is unhealthy for your eyes for many reasons. For one, the blue light that gets emitted can strain your eyes and cause a decrease in visual acuity over time. You might experience red or dry eyes when you use your phone too much. Headaches are also common.

#2: Sleep problems

The same blue light that can affect your vision can also affect your sleep. Studies have shown that blue light triggers the sleep hormone, melatonin, and keeps you awake even at night. A blue light filter in the phone is one remedy, but the best thing to do is not use your phone in bed when you’re trying to sleep.

#3: Hygiene issues

We use our cell phones all the time – some of us even take them to the bathroom! Cellphones are a hub for germs and bacteria, which is a potential source of infection and other hygiene issues.

Make sure you limit the daily time you spent on your phone to steer clear of the health risks associated with these devices!


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