8 Ways to Stop Headaches Swiftly

8 Ways to Stop Headaches Swiftly

Getting a throbbing headache in the wee hours of the morning is probably one of the worst ways to start your day. Unfortunately, pain in the head is one of the most common symptoms that can point to either an underlying benign problem or a more ominous pathology.

In healthy individuals, headaches are often temporary and seldom a cause of concern. However, the discomfort itself can be quite the distractor and keep you from being productive all day long.

Many tried and tested therapies have been to kill a throbbing headache; here are 8 of our best picks!

#1: Rest!

Perhaps one of the easiest and cheapest remedies to a headache is to close your eyes for a while and rest. Often, a headache is brought on by excessive mental stress or strain on the eyes – both of which can resolve after a short power nap.

#2: Use heating pads

Heating pads are readily available and are a cost-effective way to curb a headache. In addition, the heat released from heating pads helps soothe the muscles around your head, which are often strained and painful in a tension headache.

#3: Or switch to ice packs!

While tension headaches are remit to heat therapy, a migraine or one-sided headache more commonly responds to cooling therapy. Migraines are associated with the dilation of vessels in the head that release pain-emitting

neurotransmitters. Using an ice pack can help constrict these vessels and offer relief to migraine headaches.

#4: Get some caffeine!

If you’re a coffee person, maybe chugging down a cup of coffee can help with the headache. But, of course, caffeine in other forms like tea and caffeine tablets work equally great as well!

#5: Do some meditation

Relaxing your mind is one sure-shot way to relieve a throbbing headache. Meditation, relaxation exercises and a head massage are all some things that can help with the pain.

#6: Drink more water

Sometimes the cause of a persistent headache is dehydration and simply not drinking enough glasses of water. If you’ve been skimping on your liquid intake, it’s high time to hydrate yourself. Sometimes, hydration alone is all you need to get rid of a headache.

#7: Eat healthily and regularly

Skipping a meal in the day can sometimes trigger a headache. Make sure you’re eating well and not skimping on any meals to avoid a headache. Eating a healthy meal during a headache can help with easing the pain.

#8: Try OTC pain medications

Last but never least, one of the easiest and swiftest ways to stop a headache for good is taking an OTC pain killer. Most pain medications take only a few minutes to kill a headache.

These medications include paracetamol or an NSAID. However, it’s important not to overdo these drugs since they can have their own share of side effects if taken in excess.


Most headaches that we experience in our everyday life are mild and get better with home remedies and OTC pain medications. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy, staying hydrated and reducing stress are all some key ways to curb a throbbing headache. However, if the pain persists, it’s important to connect with your doctor.


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