7 Tips to Work at Home Efficiently

7 Tips to Work at Home Efficiently

For many people, working from home is a norm; for others, it sounds like a bizarre decision. The currently ongoing coronavirus pandemic has, however, changed the entire perspective and workspace of most of the population around the world.

Those who have been used to working only in a productive office environment are now struggling to make ends meet from their home.

If you’re one of them, you’re not alone. It’s not easy to work at home because of the gazillion distractions around. In fact, productivity and efficiency can be severely affected in a home office.

But here’s the good news – you can still make the most out of your home office without losing your productivity juices.

#1: Stick to a fixed schedule

Working from home doesn’t mean you can work at any time of the day when you feel like it. Increase your efficiency by setting up fixed hours to work. This could be during your regular office hours when your productivity is at a maximum.

#2: Isolate yourself from distraction – and that means family!

It’s a good idea to set up your home office in a private place or room in your house instead of working in the smack centre of the house. This will keep distractions like kids away and help you concentrate better on your work.

#3: Take small breaks

Just like you need a break in your office hours, it’s essential to take breaks during your home office hours as well – as long as you don’t take too many! Taking a break or two helps to keep your mind fresh and working from home less boring.

#4: Use a separate phone number

You don’t want to call your clients or employees through your home phone. This can quickly turn into an awkward situation when they decide to call you back. It’s a good idea to keep a separate phone number that is dedicated just for business.

#5: Have online meetings with colleagues or employees

Online meetings are a great option to keep tabs on business with your co-workers. FaceTime or Skype are both excellent online video calling options that you can consider to increase your productivity at home.

#6: Go out for a walk to clear your mind

It’s especially hard to stay cooped up in your house, which is now both a home and an office. Taking a walk outside (with your face masks of course!) can help you free your mind and boost your productivity.

#7: Stay positive!

Remember: these times are hard, but they will pass! Keep your spirits up and stay positive because that’s what will help you pull through these trying times.


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