In uncertain times like these, it’s important to keep our spirits up for a better future ahead. The coronavirus outbreak has taken a toll on all aspects of our lives from the economy to our  mental health. While some of these may not be in our control, our mental well-being can be.

Keep your loved ones hopeful, happy and fight the lockdown blues through the act of gift-giving. If you’re having trouble deciding what gift to give, we’ve got you covered. We have all the best gift ideas to lift your loved ones’ spirits up.

#1: Customized cookies
Baking can be a great way to express your artistic skills. Plus it’s a super fun activity that you can do with your kids as well. Customized cookies with delicious and inspiring frosting decoration are the perfect way to make someone’s day. Pipe down your favourite uplifting quotes with icing sugar and serve them fresh out of the oven!

#2: Mixtape
Music is an indisputable form of art that can pull on anyone’s heartstrings. Choose your strongest musical picks and build a customized playlist for that one friend that needs a dose of optimism. You can also gift a year’s subscription to Apple Music or Spotify Premium for a more luxurious gift effect!

#3: Customized mugs
Customized mugs have always been an affordable gift option that adds a touch of personalization. In these times, decorating mugs with optimistic quotes and encouraging messages can be a great gift to give to a loved one who has been feeling down lately.

#4: Hand knitted sweater
One unique gift that your loved one is sure to appreciate is a hand-knitted sweater. Of course, this requires skill and if you have a knack for it, then now’s the time to use it for the greater good. Crochet, knitting and just about any form of art that requires personal time and energy investment is sure to be an uplifting present for your loved ones.

#5: Painting
If you can paint, an artistic masterpiece may be the secret to lifting your friend’s spirits. With a paintbrush, there’s so much you can express, including hope, faith and optimism. Throw in some colour and gift your inspiring work of art.

#6: Knock Knock Why I’m Grateful For You Book
The Knock Knock book series is a cute little surprise for the right occasion. Their Why I’m Grateful For You Book is the kind of personalised gift anyone in these uncertain, troubling times would appreciate. Plus, it’s super cheap too!

#7: Travel World Map
Travel world maps help you keep track of all the places you’ve travelled to in your lifetime. This is an ideal pick for a wanderlust that can be a glimmer of hope for them once the pandemic is over for good.