5 Common Causes of Chronic Ankle Pain

5 Common Causes of Chronic Ankle Pain

The ankle joint bears the brunt of the weight of our body every day when we stand, walk, or run. Because of its key role in supporting our mobilization, it can sometimes fall prey to disease and aliment. Chronic ankle pain typically occurs in the older age group but can also occur in young to middle-aged individuals.

Some of the most common causes of this type of persistent and prolonged pain are:

#1: Recurrent ankle sprains

Recurrent ankle sprains can sometimes lead to a condition known as chronic ankle instability. With multiple sprains, the ankle joint can weaken over time, and this can result in persistent pain when walking.

#2: An underlying or old fracture

Fractures have a way of healing after a certain amount of time with proper rest and care. However, if a fracture is severe or the rehab time for healing is insufficient, it can cause chronic pain. For example, fractures of the ankle joint can, thus, lead to chronic ankle pain.

#3: Arthritis

Arthritis, whether inflammatory or non-inflammatory, causes degeneration of the joints over time, resulting in a chronic ache. Ankle arthritis is particularly common in obese individuals who suffer from osteoarthritis. This type of chronic ankle pain is particularly stubborn and may require aggressive medical or surgical care.

#4: Gout

Overproduction of uric acid can result in a condition clinically known as gout. When this occurs, uric acid deposits in multiple areas, particularly in the body’s joints. For example, the big toe and the ankle joint are common gout victims. In addition, chronic ankle pain can sometimes ensue when gout is not adequately treated with the appropriate medications.

#5: Achilles tendonitis

The Achilles tendon attaches to the back of the heel and supports downward, tiptoe movements of the foot. Injury to this tendon can not only cause pain in the back of the leg but also in the ankle joint. Chronic ankle pain can occur when Achilles tendonitis is now allowed to heal properly.


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