4 Methods To Alleviate Bad Lock down Posture

4 Methods To Alleviate Bad Lock down Posture

We’ve all been there – sitting on the couch for hours on end, only to experience an unpleasant pain in the back a day later. 2020 could be aggravating your back problems thanks to the multiple months-long quarantines.

While some people took the lockdown as an opportunity to work out at home, most fell into the temptation of not doing anything at all. The lack of an appropriate desk setup at home also means more back pain and poor posture from working from home all day.

The short-term effects of poor posture might just be dull pain but over time this may result in irreversible changes to your spine and overall posture.

Correct your bad lockdown posture by following these 4 simple tips!

#1: Get active

It’s hard to get active at home and find the energy to exercise, we get that completely. If you’re not into the whole ‘home-gym’ concept, the least you can do for your posture is move around the house. When you’re walking, it’s a good idea to consciously keep your back straight.

Pro-tip: imagine you’re walking with a pile of books on your head and you need to keep them balanced. This will help keep your back straight when you’re walking or even sitting.

#2: Invest in a good quality home office setup

Let’s admit it – the coronavirus is here to stay for the time being, before we can return to normalcy. If you’re working from home right now, there’s a good chance you might have to keep doing it for a while.

Consider investing in a comfortable desk setup. This can be a standing desk or a chair with a lumbar pillow that supports your back well.

#3: Get someone to check your posture

When we’re working or watching a movie, we’re least likely to think about how our posture is. That’s why it’s a good idea to get someone else in the house to check your posture for you and let you know whenever you’re hunched over.

#4: Stretch, stretch and stretch!

Stretches are a great way to loosen your muscles and get back into form. Even when you’re sitting on your desk, simple arm and back stretches can help get your body more energized and alleviate your bad posture.

If your back pain continues despite a good posture, it’s important to check in with your doctor. Make this process easy and safe by booking your appointment online through the Ouch App so that you never have to wait in line at a clinic again!


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