3 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

3 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Throwing in a splash of green in your home’s interior does more than just uplift the look of your living space. Indoor plants are releasing soothing particulates into the atmosphere. In other words, having indoor plants in your home can have a clinically proven benefit for your health and wellbeing.

#1: Indoor plants may play a role in reducing stress

As bizarre as this notion may seem, plants inside your home may actually play a crucial role in your mental health. According to several studies, indoor plants can have a soothing effect and indoor gardening tasks.

Results have shown a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure in people who engage in indoor gardening activities compared to those who engage in computer-related tasks.

Indoor plants may also have a therapeutic role and help increase feelings of well-being. This benefit has been shown through clinical studies, which can play a role in managing chronic mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and even dementia.

#2: Indoor plants clean the air you breathe in

As we continue to industrialize, breathing in the fresh air can be a blessing. Keeping indoor plants is one way to breathe better quality air, even if you live in the heart of the city.

Studies have shown that greens kept at home improve air quality by reducing airborne pollutants, particularly volatile organic compounds.

Certain species of plants have been shown to have greater air cleaning properties than others. This includes the Boston fern, spider plant and snake plant etc.

#3: Indoor plants may help increase your focus

Some studies have revealed that indoor plants can sharpen one’s focus and help boost mental productivity. So if you’re someone that often finds himself procrastinating, it may be a good idea to get some greens for your house and see the results yourself!


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