Our Mission

The desire for healthier and longer lives has resulted in continuous research and advancements in the healthcare industry. Over the last two decades, technology has fundamentally altered how people communicate, do business, and even travel. However, it also impacts us in a much more intimate way, affecting our health and daily wellbeing.

Technology has the power to make healthcare more accessible, by making it cheaper, easier to access and understand. Yet, the mass population’s continued access to healthcare is tenuous, which prompted us to explore ways of leveraging on technology to get better healthcare to more people, promptly.

Health applications have evolved over time to handle a multitude of tasks. There are several health applications that are designed to tackle simple tasks, whereas others are more advanced and they can control high-resolution imaging, real-time monitoring, and more high-level functions. These advanced feature apps are beneficial for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma, who can easily monitor their health at home and avoid multiple visits to the hospital. However, these applications are generally difficult to use.

We at Ouch seek to bridge this gap by keeping consumers in mind and combining powerful and advanced application functions with an intuitive design philosophy to provide better access to healthcare.

On-Demand Care

Through various communication channels for doctors and patients which help both the communities to connect whenever they want, we seek to end the system of taking appointments and queuing for extended periods. Patients can also ask general health questions to doctors and obtain prompt medical advice. This quick and on-demand communication will transform the delivery of medical assistance.

Better Coordination

Ouch leverages on technology to facilitate clear communication between doctors and patients, thus enabling healthcare providers to understand patients’ conditions better and provide treatments accordingly.

Availability of Medicines (Coming Soon)

The high cost of medication is always a major concern in healthcare. Lack of service providers, long distance, and lesser conveyance are some of the major reasons behind the hike in the price of medicines. However, the evolution of technology has transformed the situation. Patients can now buy medicines based on reviews, and before making purchases, consumers can always compare the prices and get them at a minimal cost. Now, medicines can also be easily obtained online, ending the issue of inadequacy as well.

Securement of Medical Reports (Coming Soon)

Patients often tend to lose their old reports, or sometimes forget to bring them for medical appointments, which make it difficult for the doctor to keep track of the patient’s medical history. Ouch enables patients to upload their medical reports and other related documents online, allowing the doctor to access these documents and obtain a patient’s medical history quicker, enhancing the decision-making process. It saves time and makes the process smooth and convenient for both doctors & patients.