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OUCH is a free healthcare app dedicated to providing easy access to quality healthcare services to all users in Singapore.

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There is No Booking Fee when you book an appointment via OUCH App.
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With OUCH, there will be no overcrowding at clinic.
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All Your Healthcare Needs in One Place

OUCH is a free healthcare app dedicated to providing easy access to quality healthcare services to all users in Singapore.
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Get Medicine delivered at your clinic at lower prices.
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Connect with Your Patients Anytime Anywhere.

Enabling Video appointments between your patients and health care providers.

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OUCH, seek to launch on a clean sheet design with consumers in mind – combining powerful and advanced functions with the intuitive design philosophy

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Frequently asked questions

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Who or what exactly is OUCH?
OUCH is a Technology Company, and we have created the Healthcare Mobile App (OUCH App) to allow Patients & Clinics to be able to communicate with each other in real-time.
What is the primary function of OUCH?
The primary function of OUCH is for patients to search and locate clinics that are nearby their areas and request an appointment with those clinics seamlessly. There are also OUCH Rewards & OUCH Points for Users to use and claim during their appointments.
Can I use OUCH if I want to use my insurance card?
Yes, users who would like to use their insurance card can still use the OUCH App to request an appointment at their nearby clinics and then inform the clinic administrator that they would like to claim via Insurance.
Which clinics are on the OUCH Platform?
We have over 90 Clinics Island wide on our OUCH Platform and we are adding more. To view our Healthcare Providers, please visit our OUCH Website: https://www.ouchinc.com/healthcare-providers.
What payment methods can I use?
As of now, patients can only make payments via the OUCH App using their Credit/ Debit Card. We will add more payment options in the near future.
Is OUCH a local company?
Yes, OUCH is a local company. Our Main Office is at 50 Tagore Lane, #05-01A. Entrepreneurs Centre, Singapore 787494
How much will the public have to pay to use OUCH?
OUCH is free for all to download on Android & IOS Devices.
How long will the OUCH Rewards be available for Users to Grab & Redeem?
OUCH Rewards will be available for Users to Grab & Redeem for a certain period of time, depending on the clinic. You can check the Rewards availability under the app's Rewards tab.
Can I get my Invoice and MC sent to my email directly?
Patients can retrieve their Invoice and Medical Certificate (MC) directly via their OUCH App, under Past Appointments.
How can I change my profile details? (e.g., Email Address, Mobile Number)
Users can change their Profile Details by clicking on the Pencil icon at the top right corner of the "Profile Details" Page.

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